Welcome to our new blog! We’d like to kick things off by way of the Texas Career Development Association (TCDA) who recognized Donna Gill in their recent newsletter April 2022, Volume 3, Issue 3. Check out the full write-up for some extra details around Donna and her practice:

Donna Gill is the owner of Life by Design Counseling Group where she specializes in career counseling across the life span for adolescents, young adults, mid-career adults and those transitioning to retirement. Specializing in life transitions, she also addresses the intersection of mental health and career so that her clients experience a holistic approach as Donna addresses other presenting issues such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, grief, relationship issues and chronic mental illness. In all her work with clients, Donna uses her skills to help people address mental health challenges and explore their potential, find their “passion or calling” and discover their talents and strengths, understanding that work holds much power in our lives. Donna works to help people find meaning and satisfaction in their work and in their lives.

Donna earned a MS in Counseling degree from Southern Methodist University and is credentialed as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a Board Certified Counselor (NCC) and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC). Prior to becoming a counselor, she ran a successful healthcare company in Dallas for 25+ years. Her business experience compliments her deep understanding of the role of work in people’s lives, and she enjoys using that expertise to help her clients find their passion. Donna’s Life by Design practice is located in Dallas, Texas where she provides in-person and telehealth service (ages 14 and up). She is currently accepting new referrals and provides a free 15-minute consultation for new clients. She can be reached at 214-960-3632 or donna@lifebydesigncounselinggroup.com.

TCDA Newsletter, April 2022, Volume 3, Issue 3