Life By Design
Counseling Group

Life By Design
Counseling Group

Life by Design Counseling Group employs a holistic approach to practice, addressing all aspects of the Wellness Wheel—emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, occupational, environmental, and financial health. This multi-faceted focus can help unlock a confident, resilient future.

The Wellness Wheel is a tool for self-exploration that can help you survey choices or situations that impact your overall wellness.


Coping effectively with challenges, maintaining healthy relationships, building confidence, control and resiliency


A sense of purpose and meaning in life, including personal beliefs and values that contribute to inner peace


Applying critical thinking skills and continuous learning to analyze situations, assess options and solve problems


Understanding your body and its signals, and how managing diet, sleep, exercise and stress can protect and sustain it


Literacy and responsibility on money matters, plus the ability to plan, budget, save and enjoy your resources


Community awareness and involvement, plus a consciousness and commitment that contributes to well-being


A job or profession that utilizes your talents and passions, with a positive environment and effective work-life balance


A sense of connection and belonging, plus the ability to interact regularly and reach out to a support network when needed

Life by Design Counseling Group helps clients navigate life’s transitions with confidence and clarity:
  • Handling life-changing events such as divorce, illness, or death, and their impact on mental health and a career trajectory.
  • Completing high school and finding the right career path, whether college, vocational training, or another route.
  • Advancing from college to work and maintaining momentum.
  • Steering through career changes and mid-course corrections.
  • Shifting into retirement and a new and different lifestyle.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Techniques to identify and change negative thought patterns and their effects on behavior and emotions.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Coping skills that help manage negative emotions and unhealthy behaviors, and reduce conflict in relationships.

Specialized Assessment Tools

Our assessment tools help define the starting point for your journey, and set goals for progress and success.

“I’m not sure college is right for me…”

Transition Example: High School to College
  • Feels the expectations and pressure to get a four-year degree
  • Doesn’t have a clear sense of purpose, but doesn’t want to disappoint parents and others
  • Uneasy about the future, uncertain about what to do…

“Is it too late to start a new career?”

Transition Example: Mid-Life Career Change
  • Successful career cut short by downsizing and implicit age discrimination
  • Never really loved what they were doing; time for a change with another 7-10 years of career to go, and desire to achieve some financial security before retirement
  • Needs help with self-assessment and discovery, as well as the practical steps of conducting a job search in earnest

Life should be fulfilling, and work should be an outlet for our creativity and ambition.

It’s never too late to change course, and asking for help is a sign of true courage. Contact us today for a confidential consultation and appointment.*

*Virtual appointments are available for extenuating circumstances, especially for those who have disabilities, are recovering from illness, or are students living in another state part time or have complicated academic and extracurricular schedules.